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Extreme survival

survive – a three days programs-divided into stages according to skill level

- civilian: 1, 2, 3 and 4 the winter phase
- military: 1 summer and 2 winter stages
- a lighter form of the survival tailored specially for women – 1, 2, 3 and 4 stage(in the group there will be only women)

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Instructors-former soldiers, who have passed the SAS survival training

Survival is divided into several categories:
civilian: 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the winter
military: 1 summer and winter 2
The survival has got a growing intensity, which is directly related to the request, and to the given situation and subject studied.

Civilian survival 1
- is based on general introduction, learning and training
- practical demonstration of survival in the wilderness
- obtaining food and water
- psychology of survival
- kindling a fire – by all available means
- orientation in the terrain
- the construction of a shelter

Civilian survival 2
- is focused on a more detailed search for food, water and medicines from natural sources
- first aid
- saving lives in accidents
- psychology of survival, self-discipline, auto-suggestion
- making tools, knots, ropes
- traps, fishing
- the construction of the shelter
- kindling the fire

Civilian survival 3
- extreme learning — dropping in point A and transferring to point B without any assistance (car, food, water, items etc.)
- topography, navigation
- overcoming barriers - water, gorge, rocks etc.
- tracking and hunting
- behaviour during the long-term survival
- the survival in natural disasters

Civilian winter survival of 4
- may take place only on the snow (min 20 cm)
- survival may be attended only after two summer survival trainings
- construction of a shelter
- fire
- obtaining food and water
- detailed learning of the main principles of survival in the winter mountains
- avalanches, meteorology
- tracking and hunting

Military survival
Military survivals are led by special units focusing on the disguised observation
To see and not to be seen!

Summer Military survival 1
- blending in with the terrain
- disguised shelter
- fire
- military psychology
- self-defence
- survival in captivity, torture
- food and water
- necessary military equipment to be determined and available after a request

Winter military survival 2 (at least 20 cm of snow)
-only after experiencing the summer military course
- winter military equipment is necessary
-building shelters
-avalanches, meteorology
-survival in the mountains
-climbing and abseiling
-tracking and hunting
-obtaining food and water


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