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MILITARY skydiving withcircular parachutes OVP-68/76A

Do you want to jump with a circular parachute as the Airborne Division did in Normandy? Your will jump from, 700 m above the ground from a parachute aircraft Antonov which is in the colours of camouflage. No tandem, but the jump will be with pulled rope – a real adrenaline. Two days of training and jumping. You'll feel as a paratrooper, you'll be able to see copies of the weapons of the World War II and go by the legendary – jeep Willys. Taste the real military food.

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Basic course for one person of the price 4 840,-CZK with VAT covers instructions on land and briefing with one jump from the height of 700 m. The price of each additional jump is 1 573,-with VAT including rental and packing the parachute – there is a possibility to buy it there. Accommodation and meals are included in the price.

It is necessary to have a medical fitness class check 2 ICAO (air doctor authorized examination, it is possible upon request to ensure the price of 300,-CZK; validity of 24 months or 60 months to the age of 30 of the sky-diver).

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