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Extreme survival with sky - diving

The course of survival with the landing from the aircraft-Antonov, three jumps on the rope. At noon there is a briefing with two dropping directly at the airport, the third dropping in the afternoon is already on the destination of the course. The participants after the jumps continue in survival course target.

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- civilian: 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the winter stage
- military: 1 summer and 2 winter stages
- a lighter modified form of the survival especially for women - 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the stage (in the group there only women)

Instructors - former soldiers who have passed survival training in SAS, professional jumpers

Survival is divided into several categories:
civilian: 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the winter
military: 1 summer and winter 2
The survival has got a growing intensity, which is directly related to the request, and to the given situation and subject studied.

Civilian survival 1
- is based on general introduction, learning and training
- practical demonstration of survival in the wilderness
- obtaining food and water
- psychology of survival
- kindling a fire – by all available means
- orientation in the terrain
- the construction of a shelter

Civilian survival 2
- is focused on a more detailed search for food, water and medicines from natural sources
- first aid
- saving lives in accidents
- psychology of survival, self-discipline, auto-suggestion
- making tools, knots, ropes
- traps, fishing
- the construction of the shelter
- kindling the fire

Civilian survival 3
- extreme learning — dropping in point A and transferring to point B without any assistance (car, food, water, items etc.)
- topography, navigation
- overcoming barriers - water, gorge, rocks etc.
- tracking and hunting
- behaviour during the long-term survival
- the survival in natural disasters

Civilian winter survival of 4
- may take place only on the snow (min 20 cm)
- survival may be attended only after two summer survival trainings
- construction of a shelter
- fire
- obtaining food and water
- detailed learning of the main principles of survival in the winter mountains
- avalanches, meteorology
- tracking and hunting

Military survival
Military survivals are led by special units focusing on the disguised observation
To see and not to be seen!

Summer Military survival 1
- blending in with the terrain
- disguised shelter
- fire
- military psychology
- self-defence
- survival in captivity, torture
- food and water
- necessary military equipment to be determined and available after a request

Winter military survival 2 (at least 20 cm of snow)
-only after experiencing the summer military course
- winter military equipment is necessary
-building shelters
-avalanches, meteorology
-survival in the mountains
-climbing and abseiling
-tracking and hunting
-obtaining food and water


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