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Assault 1945

It is the year 1945, near the end of the war. American 3rd Army of General Patton is going through forests of Šumava and Bohemian Forest. Against them are the remains of the German army, defeningd the each additional kilometre of the Czech territory. Did you come back in time! You're sitting in the American Jeep Willys and you are surveying of wooded area near the border. Suddenly there is an explosion, in front of you a tree falls down-you are trapped. Enemy soldiers start to fire guns. The driver gets shot and falls out of the car.

You fell into trap, will you survive?

What you saw in a movie or read about in the books you will experience first - hand.


Before the drive you will be lent the U.S. Army uniform, a helmet and dummy guns. You jump into the Willys jeep, go with a driver in the role of the guide to do a reconnaissance, where you will be acquinted the events in 1945. During this ride you will move to the place of the assault. You will have the chance to drive the legendary vehicle.

Suddenly, it comes. You will not expect it all. You are attacked. Will you defend yourself?
From the whole experience there will be a video available.
After the ambush the participants will have refreshments and inspection of the weapons.

You Will Receive

- a commemorative certificate
- DVD with the record of the action
- a map and description of the events of 1945

14 days bookings in advance


4000,-CZK + VAT = 4840,-CZK
each additional 1.210,-with VAT, maximum 3 participants

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