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Dive into the diving observation bell

Do you want to watch the life below the surface from a diving bell? We will lend you diving gear and you will go through the course and then dive with an instructor to a depth of 9 m, where you swim into the bell on the bottom of the quarry, with beautiful clear water. You can watch the sturgeons, catfish and other kinds of fish in flocks. In the price a visit to is also included the second observation bell which may be visit the so-called dry foot.

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About the locality

Near the border with Bavaria, at the foothills of Šumava (-7 km south of Domazlice) near villages Mrákov-Old Klíčov, you will find flooded former stone quarry with crystal clear water, where there is rich and diverse freshwater world full of life.
The location is of size approximately 200x40 m and it is suitable for both beginners and for experienced divers. The maximum depth is 9 m, with a year-round good visibility. Below the surface there is the largest situated underwater cabin in the Czech Republic. Close to it there is the underwater platform, a wreck of the ship, an artificial cave.
In the location, there is a diving and other equipment rental of the normal diving service-filling together with compressed air service equipment.

In the immediate vicinity you can rent a house for 8 persons. The cosy covered terrace with the capacity of 200 visitors offers refreshment, home-made cuisine, hot and cold beverages. In winter you can use a heated clubroom.


Price for one person-2 420.-with VAT

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