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In the footsteps of the Iron Curtain

Do you want to go back in time to a deep totalitarianism? You'll pass around the Iron Curtain, you will visit border guards the former troops of and this all in the car or UVAZ ´stejšn´ car VB of the former police In the woods near the border you can even look into the secret bunker model 48, which were built in case of aggression from the West in 1950s as secret objects. storage After the concrete paths, the so-called ´hlásky´ you will try driving the SUV car. We will follow the route from the foot of Šumava, through the whole Bohemian forest and also from the other side of the border to the Czech Republic side. You will learn from the guide (in the role of the drive) about the people´s fate. Who wanted to illegally cross the Iron Curtain. You will also try to assemble and dismantle the submachine gun model 58. If you can make it, you will be allowed to fire it. On the way you can be stopped and checked by the VB.

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f the customer is interested, the program is available for the next day. The journey continues to Rozvadov, where there is the Museum of the iron curtain. During the two-day experience there is prepared the overnight or stay in the tents, or in heated cottages.
We also provide food throughout the day and we also rent out of uniform and helmet.

The price for the client also includes:

- food
- accommodation
- commemorative certificate
- CD with the photos from the whole day
- the barbed wire of the Iron Curtain
- the guide

In the program you can choose from 3 routes

- the locality of Domažlicko-Šumava-Bohemian Forest - departure from the historical centre of Domazlice
- parking of your car is arranged

After the program you will receive a commemorative certificate and a CD with photos from the expedition.

Price 1 day

one person: 3000,-CZK + VAT = 3630,-CZK
two persons: 4000,-CZK + VAT = 4840,-CZK
three persons: 5000,-CZK + VAT = 6050,-CZK

Price for 2 days

one person: 5000,-CZK + VAT = 6050,-CZK
two persons: 6500,-CZK + VAT = 7865,-CZK
three persons: 8000,-CZK + VAT = 9680,-CZK

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