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Survival course

Do you want to experience something what could save your life in the future? You won´t be afraid to find yourself in the mountains, deserts, deep forests, steppe, prairie, bush, sea, jungle or deserted island – without help and resources. You didn´t serve the army or joined scouting and you are interested in learning new things and finding out what is inside of you? This package will be mostly appreciated by the lovers of adrenalin and army style. A possibility to go through the survival course appeared! Do not hesitate and come to enjoy it with us in camouflage! This fun and entertainment is not only for tough men, but also for women who are not afraid to experience something really interesting and exciting.

The client can choose between civil or military type and lighter or more demanding variation of the course

Detailed program

- driving the client by the terrain truck into the camp in the woods
- introduction of the survival package
- water, map, compass allocation - all unnecessary things will be taken away - cigarettes, cell phone and food
- determination of the point where according to the map the client finds a bunker with meals for the day
- finding a food package intended for survival- instructions about consumption of this special diet and portioning in a day
- on the way back to the camp there is a place of shaft, where the fastest client finds a reward
- looking for wood and making a fire with a non-traditional method
- the construction of the shelter to sleep in
- the acquisition and preparation of water for consumption
- first aid and hygiene in extreme conditions
- preparation of dinner - surprise

Second day - breakfast what a forest offers - tea from the tree needles

- instructions - laying traps, movement in the terrain, getting food-what and how to eat it
- non-traditional preparation of food
- a late lunch-if there is what to cook
- ending the action - the certificates distribution
- the client receives - a CD with instructions for the survival course
- army food package with the food for one day
- package for survival
- course certificate
- all included in the price

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This package contains / Program description

We will teach you how to build a fire without matches, obtain food and water in the wild. We'll show you how to spend the night in the open and learn the basics of orientation in the terrain. You will become familiar with plants which can be used in case of an emergency as a cure. An experienced instructor will show you what to fix in the so-called survival package, which you should have when you are on a travel adventure or an expedition to various parts of the world. These courses are held in any season of the year, a client may choose between a one-day or two-day course with spending the night in the wild. The client may wish allocate training to the area they want to visit in the future. Firing a machine gun, running an obstacle course or sky - diving-you will not need when you are in a tough situation, such as a natural disaster or when you get lost in the uninhabited country. You'll have to survive! The client will receive a military overalls, food package for the survival and after completion of the course will receive a commemorative diploma and survival package, a CD with instructions of the survival in the wilderness.


1950,- CZK + VAT = 2359,5 CZK

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